Rocketship Countdown

A children's book written and illustrated by Raffael Iglesias


My son Maceo (MAY-SEE –OH) was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder (HFA) or Aspergers syndrome at the age of four.

One night I came up with a bedtime story for him. He had already memorized the solar system by three, so I created a tale that was also an opportunity to help him with his reactions to obstacles. Being an artist I illustrated it too.

The main character is a little boy with autism, based on my son. The story takes place in outer space. Maceo travels the solar system, learning about the solar system. Through his voyage he comes across some adventures and has to deal with his emotions

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Hello everyone, I'm still looking to self-publish my book. I've added a  few pages and more content after talking with some people that work with  autistic children. Its been a long process but I love the changes and  additions. I'm still short of my GO FUND ME goal, so pass it on please. I  want the new Version on Amazon by the end of this summer. I have  started a new book called Space School


Community Art Projects

Youth and Children Mural Projects

Raffael Iglesias has done many mural projects with youth through schools, community projects and self motivated programs, with a focus on youth at risk and children with disabilities

James Town Photo Project and YouTube Documentary click image for link

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